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Micro Skin Tag Removal Kit - Painless Skin Tag Remover for Most Body Parts - Safe for Small (2mm) to Medium (5mm) Skin Tags – Set Includes Cleansing Wipes and 36 Repair Patches 02

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Easy-To-Use For Small To Medium (2mm - 5mm) Skin Tags: Just follow the simple instructions and remove skin tags without any pain or discomfort. Suitable For All Body Parts: Our effective skin tag remover is ideal for getting rid of annoying skin tags (NOT moles or warts) on any part of your body, including your face, neck, chin, back, underarms, fingers, or legs. Skin Tags Remover Kit: The ALL-IN-ONE skin tag remover set includes 1 micro skin tag remover cone, 1 micro band remover, 24 micro bands, 12 cleansing wipes, and 36 skin tag repair patches. Eliminate Skin Tags: Life is too short for putting up with skin tags. Now you can avoid costly and painful invasive cosmetic procedures with the our skin tag removal kit, which effectively removes skin tags and leaves your skin smooth and healthy. Safe & Painless To Get Rid Of Skin Tags: Remove skin tags at the comfort of your home with the natural, chemical-free skin tag remover tool, which effectively eliminates those stubborn growths.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Size:MicroHere's How You Can Restore Your Skin To Its Former Glory! Looking for a simple, non-intrusive way to eliminate those benign growths? Want to remove skin tags without having to suffer? Introducing The Ultimate Pain-Free Skin Tag Remover Kit For You And Your Family By Everlom! The time has come. You and your skin tags have had a good run. Now it is time to say goodbye. The Everlom skin tag removal kit is finally here to help you get rid of those unappealing, confidence-breaking growths and allow you to look more confident and beautiful in just a few days. How we do it? We enable your body to discard skin tags by simply and painlessly cutting off the skin tag’s blood supply. Top 3 Reasons To Choose Our Incredible Skin Tag Removal Set: Hassle-Free: straightforward process makes removing skin tags easier than 1, 2, 3! Cleanse, push, cover! That's it! Bring out your skin's natural beauty - starting today! Painless and Safe: cut off the blood supply and wait. Your skin tag will fall off in 3-14 days (more time might be required for larger skin tags) Eliminate Skin Tags Almost Everywhere: our medium and large skin tag remover set is suitable for your face, neck, chin, armpits, under breast, legs, back or fingers. NOT suitable for eyelids. What You Get: 1 x Micro Skin Tag Removal Cone 1 x Micro Skin Tag Band Remover 12 x Cleaning Wipes 24 x Micro Bands 36 x Skin Tag Repair Patches Clear, Easy-To-Use Instructions Attention! DO NOT USE this kit to remove moles or warts. It's EXCLUSIVELY for skin tags Not suitable for people with rubber-related allergies. Consult your doctor for more information. Zero Pain, Zero Fuss, Zero Skin Tags - Start Using The Everlom Skin Tag Remover Kit Today!