❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARATM Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
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❄️PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest

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💎 PISPARA™ is manufactured to GMP standards and is FDA approved.

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💎 Medical grade ice silk fiber synthesized using nanotechnology

💎 2800 negative ion array points


The PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest is designed to help men reduce the accumulation of fatty tissue in the chest, specifically targeting gynecomastia issues. This vest combines far infrared and tourmaline technology to effectively reduce chest fat and prevent fat cells from re-accumulating in the area, ultimately resulting in overall body shaping. The fabric is made of nano-grade ice silk fibers, allowing your skin to stay cool and providing quick evaporation of sweat, keeping you cool throughout the hot summer.

Jessie Crockett submitted this photo of his 4 week journey with the PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest. Congratulations on the success!

"I purchased the PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest 4 weeks ago. Due to being overweight, I developed gynecomastia, and I am grateful and impressed with the results I have achieved. The compression of the vest has not only helped with my gynecomastia, but it has also aided in reducing the excess fat around my chest and abdomen. The fabric of the vest provides a cool sensation, and I can feel the reduction of fat around my chest, giving me the sensation of working out, even though I'm not. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and I now feel more confident as my chest area is more toned and defined."

——Jessie Crockett


"When I was young, I didn't pay attention to my weight and health issues. I regularly consumed junk food and high-calorie meals, and I didn't engage in any form of exercise. As time passed, I started feeling very depressed and my self-esteem suffered.

A friend of mine introduced me to the PISPARA vest. After using it for over 30 days, I truly noticed a difference. My weight began to drop, and I lost a significant amount of fat in the chest area. Not only did my physical appearance improve, but my self-confidence and self-esteem were also restored. This vest is a fantastic alternative to surgery or medication, and it genuinely works.I particularly appreciate its exceptional breathability and heat dissipation. Even after engaging in physical activities, it quickly cools me down. I'm grateful for the development of such an excellent product."

——Adam Smith

How does the PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest work?


       The PISPARA™ Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest combines far infrared and ion technology to provide a multi-dimensional massage and stimulation to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, while the tourmaline on the PISPARA™ vest generates infrared rays and negative ions that have a gentle stimulating and soothing effect on the body, helping to restore the user's healthy body shape.The unique ice silk fiber material reduces body temperature and quickly evaporates sweat caused by exercise or heat, keeping the body cool and comfortable.

Far Infrared Therapy

      The energy wavelengths of far infrared rays penetrate the skin and tissue layers, stimulating the body's natural physiological processes. Contact with the body produces a warming effect, which promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and accelerates the body's metabolism and excretion of waste products.


    The combination of far infrared rays and medical grade fabric coated with nano-grade materials provides compression and heats the fatty tissue under the skin to promote a more effective reduction in gynecomastia while preventing future accumulation of fat cells in the chest area. Promotes heart rate and activity even when you are not exercising.

    According to the Harvard Medical Research Institute, infrared therapy not only improves blood circulation, enhances cellular metabolism and boosts collagen production, but also helps the body burn calories, which is essential for fat burning and weight loss.



Ionic Technology

    Tourmaline is a natural mineral with negative ions and far-infrared radiation and is widely used in the health sector. The negative ions emitted by tourmaline can boost metabolism and blood circulation, relieving fatigue and tension. The negative ions also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to reduce muscle pain and promote tissue repair. The tight fit of the men's vest provides compression and support to improve circulation and metabolism, as well as improving body posture and shaping.

 The Perfect Solution for Fat Burning and Sculpting


  So our PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest can help you with your weight loss programme, even if you don't exercise regularly and eat a healthy and balanced diet, with 80% reflexology to get you to your desired weight.



 Hormone balancing to increase metabolism and targeted reduction of male chest and abdominal fat


  Through infrared light and ion therapy, this Ice Silk energy undershirt helps to increase metabolic rate, eliminate toxins from the body, remove body fat and water retention. It can perfectly solve the problem of male fat chest, abdominal fat accumulation, balance the hormones in the body and promote muscle production.





 Correct body posture and eliminate body inflammation


  The unique ergonomic design makes the PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shaping Tight Vest ideal for shaping your body to perfection! It not only sculpts your chest and abdomen, but also effectively extends your shoulders, straightens your back, and helps you maintain proper body posture,Reduces muscle fatigue and chronic inflammation.

Seamless compression vest fit



    Blends easily and seamlessly into your favorite t-shirts, sweatshirts, and workwear. For men, our original chest compression sweatshirt can be worn on its own under any style of shirt. The PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest is made of nano-grade ice silk material, enhancing the vest's antibacterial and self-healing properties, while also being soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer.


 What makes PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest the best choice for you?


✔️ reduces body waste and excess fat and slims the body
✔️ reduces body fatigue and chronic inflammation
✔️ accelerates metabolism and addresses lymphatic problems
✔️ compresses the whole body, reduces swelling and reduces breast size
✔️ Tightens skin and improves sagging
✔️ converts excess fat into muscle mass to build pectoral muscles
✔️ Seamless design for any occasion
✔️ Made of nano-grade ice silk fibers, it has antibacterial properties and provides a cool and breathable sensation.
✔️ Non-surgical and pain-free solution

    Watch John s Stiles' progress in the PISPARA™ Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest!

    After just one month, I have incorporated the PISPARA™ Shaping Compression Vest into my daily routine. It is really comfortable and cool to wear, and the changes in my body have been noticeable, with a significant improvement in blood circulation. After a month, my body shape has made me love myself more and I am empowered to do everything that life requires of me. I feel very satisfied and I believe that all people struggling with obesity will benefit from this product for a happier, healthier life in the high-energy field of men's underwear!


Let's take a look at Jared Smith's body transformation with the PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest eight week journey:

   I've been using the PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest for a few weeks now and I can already feel the difference. Wearing the vest I can feel the infrared and magnetic therapy toning my chest and belly fat. The compression technology in the vest has helped firm up my chest and body, reduce excess fat and minimise the appearance of my breasts. The material is breathable and comfortable to wear, which makes it easy to wear under my clothes all day." -- Jared Smith





●1 x PISPARA™ Men's Ice Silk Shape Compression Vest
●Material: tourmaline, medical grade fibres synthesised using nanotechnology
●Color: Black,white
●Season: all seasons



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