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Hula Home Empty Spray Bottle Mister (300ml/10.1oz - Black) Continuous Ultra Fine Mist for Hair Styling, Plants, Cleaning, Salons, Face, & Skin Care Black - 300ml

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【Dimensions】300ml/10.1oz. Height: 25cm/9.8inch. Diameter: 5.9cm/2.3inch; made of high quality, eco-friendly PET material. 【Light Trigger Pull】Spare your fingers and avoid any pain! Our spray bottles include a light trigger pull for your maximum convenience. Particularly recommended for customers suffering from arthritis. 【Leak Proof, 360° Spray】Our unique design provides maximum versatility using the option to spray in any angle, while protecting your countertops and surfaces by eliminating any leaks. Keep the water exactly where you want it: inside the bottle and spraying according to your directions!. 【Continuous Fine Mist Spray】When it comes to spray bottles, consistency is key! You will get an even, continuous spray of fine mist every single time for complete coverage (even when turned upside down). The mist is so fine that even if you miss and get it on furniture it will dry up almost instantly. 【Bottle May Contain Water】Some bottles may come with small amounts of water inside due to quality assurance tests. Do not worry, this is completely normal!.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Color:Black - 300mlMist Spray Bottle