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Gillette Venus Radiant Skin Women razor blade refills, 4ct 4 Blade Refills

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4 Seaweed Aloe Refills
4 Blade Refills
4 Pearl Power Refills
Handle + 1 Refill + 1 Pearl Powder Moisturizer
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HOW TO USE - 1: Click your blades and moisturizer into the handle 2: Press the button to release the moisturizer 3: Shave and press the button again every few stroke to release more moisturizer 4: Rinse and enjoy exfoliated, smooth and moisturized skin. A smooth shave with an easy and gentle glide. Venus razor blade refill cartridges are exclusively designed to fit the Venus Radiant Skin handle. Lubrastrip 62% larger than Venus Extra Smooth, for a luxurious glide. Self clearing Dual Moisturizer Ports designed to allow our Olay moisturizer to flow freely from the blades. 5 Nuluxe blades for an easy glide and an outstandingly smooth shave.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Style:4 Blade RefillsFour Venus Radiant Skin Nuluxe Blade Cartridges designed to allow the Olay moisturizer to flow from the blades at the push of a button. The blades will give a smooth shave with an easy and gentle glide. These venus razor blade refills are great razor for women bikini area.